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When will students be on campus in the New Year?

Updated: Jan 20

!! Please see our latest update here after the changes over Xmas!!

This is a quick update on when and how students will be returning to campus in the new year and some key planning periods to consider.

!! Please see our latest update here after the changes over Xmas!!

This week, the Government announced its plan for students to safely return to campus in 2021. From Jan 4th students who study practical courses such as science, medicine, music and courses that involve lab work or face to face teaching will start a staggered return to campus.

Students studying other subjects like History, English and courses that are more easily taught online will start a staggered return on Jan 25th which will be completed by Feb 7th for face to face teaching to resume.

We estimate the below footfall, based on 2019 surveys and site opening for 2021 and this is supported by our recent student survey which indicates that 87% plan to return to campus in the new year:

  • From Jan 11th - 75% of our campus sites open - Footfall 20% to 30%

  • From Feb 7th - 100% of our campus sites open - Footfall 50% to 75%

  • March to Easter - 100% of our campus sites open - Footfall 75% +

We will continue to monitor and update in real time, then give an assessment for post Easter, in line with the vaccine roll out.

There are several key dates coming up in the student calendar that are worth considering for client planning.

January to February - Traditionally Re-freshers

  • This is when discount deals and subscriptions are promoted in a similar fashion to the September Freshers period.

Mid to late January - 2nd instalment student loan

  • Many students find themselves with additional spend at this point and it is a key period for booking summer travel, paying deposits on next year's accommodation and practical purchases such as phone and laptop upgrades.

  • Health products and gym memberships also do well in this period as they would with the wider UK index.

February to end of March:

  • This is a solid block of term time with high footfall that should be prioritised for campus activity.

  • Students are likely to return home for the Easter break early April and return mid April.

  • 69% of students polled this November said they would attend a summer music festival in 2021.

  • 89% stated they would travel and make overseas holidays during summer 2021.

  • Graduate job applications are likely to peak over this period as confidence returns and make up for a shortfall in available roles and applications over 2020.

Article pictures are taken from Cardiff Students’ Union Weds 2nd December, where we have recently installed new screens in high footfall areas.

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