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Survey reveals 18 to 34 keen to travel again despite virus

A new survey published by a collaboration of youth hostel groups has revealed that young adults are optimistic about world travel and are making plans for their next adventures. We explore some of the key findings below that might be useful in your planning.

The World Hostels: Post Covid-19 Reopening Survey,” released last month by St. Christopher’s Inns on behalf of a dozen hostel brands, was carried out to see how their potential customers felt about travelling after the pandemic. It provides great insight into how young people feel about travel and what plans they are making.

The survey consisted of over 6,000 respondents, 77% of which were 18 - 34 Genz and Millennials and it shows that young adults have not lost their appetite for travel.

It’s great news for the travel industry with 64% of respondents stating that they have already started planning for their next trip.

63% responded that they plan their next trip to be abroad which is inline with pre-lockdown levels. Two thirds stated that they are confident to travel within 2020, with 25% of that being this Autumn.

Other trends suggest that the pandemic has not dampened or changed attitudes to travel with only 3% reporting that they plan to travel less than they did previously. It’s great news for airlines too with flights being the overwhelming majority choice for transportation and this suggests that domestic and local travel might not be as dominant as previously anticipated.

Quite an interesting finding is that only 11% seem averse to visiting countries particularly affected by the virus. This could be a good sign for tourist boards in the hardest hit locations as they look to rebuild their tourist economy.

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The requirement for destinations to provide adequate social distancing measures and sanitation was a key trend but most respondents seemed confident that this could be expected and did not see it as a barrier to travelling.

Please view the survey for yourself which has a lot of detail which you may find useful in tourism planning.

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