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Students set to return in full to campus next month. The latest

Updated: Apr 15

The government have finally decided to grace our industry and the millions of students affected with some sort of plan, better late then never...

The latest announcement is that ALL students can return to campus from 17th May. This came as somewhat of a surprise for most, given that almost 50% of students are currently back on campus, it was widely expected that the rest could return after Easter.

Our previous update gave an expected footfall of around 50% for the summer term, this remains the same with a possibility for some increase up to 75% from 17th May to the end of summer term in late July. Typically campus would be quieter over the last few months of term anyway, however there may be an increased desire from students to make the most of their summer and get back to campus. What would you do if you just spent the last 5 months with your parents and no pub?

The cautious return makes sense given the delicate balance of unlocking and we can finally turn our attention to the remaining months of the summer term then on to Freshers 2021, when... at last... I might be able to stop writing these updates and we can all go back talking about posters down the pub.

Revised Footfall for Rockbox OOH and DOOH sites:

We continue to monitor our inventory in real time as well as working with site managers and students' unions to get an accurate forecast of footfall. Panel or screen locations with low or no footfall, such as in a closed building are temporarily removed from availability until September.

8th March to 17th May

Student Pubs - Outdoor areas open from 12th April

Music Venues - Closed

Campus / University sites - Open Footfall 25% to 50%

Students studying health related subjects, sitting assessments or studying practical courses have returned to campus, this is around half of all undergraduate students.

17th May to 21st June

Student Pubs - Open 50% to 100% footfall. Although capacity will be limited, we expect the pubs to be busier overall throughout the week as people are finally allowed back out for that first pint (Inside), even if that is at 11am with a fry up. The start of the Euros in June will also attract additional footfall and pre-empt the final unlocking period.

Music Venues - Closed

Campus/ University Sites - Open 50% to 75% footfall.

21st June onward

Student Pubs - Open 100% footfall. Likely to be much higher than pre pandemic levels and busier for more days of the week and off peak times.

Music Venues - Open 100% footfall. We are expecting most venues to drastically increase the number of live shows and days per week where they are open at full capacity once initial safe return practices are in place.

Campus/ University Sites - Open 50% to 75% footfall. Campus usually starts to quiet down from June, we expect this to be the same this year but offset by an increased desire to get back to campus which will result in footfall being comparable to pre pandemic levels for the time period.

September is Freshers with 100% footfall again on campus and what's expected to be our busiest year on record.

We are currently conducting several large scale student surveys, if you have a specific question or info that you would like for pitch or research decks please let us know and we will try to facilitate it if possible.

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