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RockBox Great Escape 2020 Playlist

Thursday the 14th May would have marked the start of the much loved Great Escape Festival, a show that has always been close to RockBox’s heart. 😥

To celebrate we had put on a night featuring some great emerging talent and I’m sure many of you would have joined us for a cheeky drink or six! 🍻

Anyway, onwards and upwards and we look forward to next year’s show and seeing you all there.

To lift your spirits this weekend the team have put together a playlist of some of their favourite songs to enjoy over a sunny weekend in the park or on a sunbed in the garden (smug garden owning people).

  • Paul Carr - Live Forever - Oasis (we did tell him no Oasis but he doesn’t care)

  • Mark Bowyer - Step On - Happy Mondays

  • Paige Nicholson - Naive - The Kooks

  • Dave Lightfoot - We Didn’t start the Fire - Billy Joel

  • Bradley Carr - Movement - Emma Jean Thackray

  • Emma Spurr - Fun - Sly and The Family Stone

  • Jem Davis - Golden Brown - The Stranglers

  • Sophia Yeadon - Follow your Fire - Kodaline

  • Sophie Webb - Destroyer - The Kinks

Have a good one! See you next year.

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