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RockBox announce £250k Advertising fund to support Independent Music and Arts

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We’ve been scratching our chins for some time thinking what RockBox can do as a company to contribute over the lockdown period. With ALL of our advertising sites currently closed we were at a bit of a loss how we could chip in and support all the great work the industry is doing to applaud the NHS and also those offering free support to SME’s. We have 1,200 advertising sites around the country but they are all currently about as useful as Solero in a Swedish sauna…..

What’s the plan?:

As a company we have decided to focus on the future and the inevitable bounce back. RockBox is hopefully more than just an advertising company that occasionally pokes your inbox to see if you might fancy a booking. We are all music nuts and almost entirely hired on that basis alone by our music obsessed boss Paul (He still collects his royalty cheque for that one song he wrote for the US teenage TV series Charmed…). We do what we love and it’s just as vital for us that the live music industry can come back from this stronger than ever.

Advertising screen in a student pub

So from today, 21st April - we are offering 100% free of charge advertising in any of our applicable sites across Universities, Student Pubs and Music Venues including all O2 Academy Venues, when they're open again.

The package will be available to independent businesses in the below sectors:

Music venues, local music promoters, independent festivals, independent pubs that have regular live music, record shops, musical equipment shops, independent bookshops, museums, art galleries, independent cinemas, community events and organisations that encourage or promote the arts or music. We will also extend this and enhance for the various music charities and artist's mental health organisations that may benefit from our sites.

Poster site in Leeds University Student Union shop

The package is also available to unsigned music artists as it always has been. Get yourself on Spotify or similar and send us a poster or digital artwork to promote it!

Promote your independent releases or shows on student pub screens

So, whether you're a promoter who had just started putting your first gigs on or a local record shop, we can help you reach our audiences.

Advertising screen in a students' union entrance

Just email and we will match you with relevant sites in your area and can help with everything including artwork design.

The total fund available is £250,000 of advertising space. We currently estimate the networks to be open from the below months but we will update this as we go.

  • Student Pubs, from July

  • Music Venues, from August

  • Universities, from September

If that sounds useful, please visit this map page to find sites near you and drop us a message.

With lots of positive vibes and hope for the future, The RockBox team

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