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Increase in number of University students from 2019

The overall number of students accepting places at UK Universities this September has increased year on year. The findings come after the deadline for applicants to confirm offers passed on June 18th.

According to UCAS (who manage the applications process) the amount of students attending this autumn has increased 1% overall and a 12% increase can be seen in student numbers from outside of the EU.

The table below shows confirmed places that have been accepted by students for an immediate start in September.

There is a decrease in confirmed places from EU citizens but this was decided on an earlier January deadline and can most likely be attributed to the knock on effect of the Brexit referendum. This is offset by the increase in other international students attending.

This is quite striking news and confirms that students have not been overwhelmingly "put off" attending university due to Covid-19 fears. Student numbers choosing to defer their placement has actually decreased by 2% domestically. This suggests that the measures taken by Universities to allow a relatively normal student experience have been successful in allaying concerns. You can read more about what Universities were planning here prior to the reduction of the social distancing rule from 2 to 1 metres.

The table below shows deferred placement numbers in addition to those that have been confirmed to start in the autumn.

The full article and more information is available here on the UCAS website

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